Auditions FAQ

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Q: What do I wear to auditions?

A: a bra top/sports bra, leggings or fishnets and briefs, and heels of any kind. knee pads recommended for those auditioning for dance. please no baggy clothing, and no major jewelry. please come with hair (can be up or down) and makeup done.

Q: I am auditioning for a specialty skill. What do I need to bring?

A: Flow artists (fire, hoop, etc.) please bring your tools and props with you. fire artists will not light. come prepared to freestyle to music. aerialists/pole artists: please Email video footage of you doing work in the air for at least 5 minutes straight. no edited footage. you can email this footage to: with your name in the subject line. singers: singers please be prepared to sing either a cappella or to a track that you provide via phone/ipod/ipad/laptop. musicians: please send an unedited clip of you playing to with your name in the subject line.